Adulting: Episode 1 – Food

I’ve talked a bit about graduating and moving to a new city and starting a new job and all that fun happily ever after stuff. Over the last couple of months, I’ve been living this life of what I guess is supposed to be young adulthood and to be perfectly honest, I’m not very good at it.

Being an adult is honestly not very easy, Having tried it, even over such a short period of time, I have gained a renewed respect for my parents and the way they seemed to handle parenting and adulthood with such effortless grace – and I say this without the faintest clue of what it must be like to raise kids along with life’s regular hassles. I really wish I could just be 14 again, but alas, here I am.

At this point, you might be wondering what exactly I’m complaining about or alternatively, what any of this has to do with food so I guess I’ll get into it.

It all started earlier in the month when I decided that I wanted to eat Rice and Dodo for breakfast and obviously, you have to have some protein in there so the chicken is kind of implied.

On my first attempt, I had some curry in the fridge with chicken and so I figured it was a simple enough matter of boiling the rice, frying the dodo, warming the curry and that would be that. I’d be off to Rice and Plantain heaven with a nice food baby to accompany me on the bus ride to work. As those who follow me on twitter, might be able to attest to, that didn’t go exactly according to plan.

Not being one to give up on the first try, I decided to give it another shot a couple of days later. This time, I did a much better job on timing but: 

As one might be able to tell, my fans weren’t exactly impressed by my progress. so another attempt was required. This time , having learned from my stew slander, I decided to make fried rice instead of white rice to head off that problem.

Before I went to work, I got out all my ingredients from the freezer for what would be the most ??? fried rice dish. I had my mixed veggies, my sweet corn, some beef liver and some chicken.

When I got back from work, I was just the right mix of hungry and determined that I knew I was about to cook up a storm in that kitchen. The kitchen wasn’t ready yo! So I rolled up my sleeves, washed my hands, put on my imaginary chef’s hat and… discovered I was out of rice.


Like I said earlier though, I was both hungry and determined and the grocery store is a 5 minute walk from my front door so I took of the hat, put on my jacket and made the quick trip to the grocery store where I discovered that they were out of long grain parboiled rice which is the ideal kind of rice to be used for this particular dish. Suffice to say I’m quite unimpressed. At this point, I really should have taken the hint and just ordered some General Tao’s chicken and chow mein and called it a night but alas, a man doesn’t learn.

I decided to buy jasmine rice because, hey, if British chefs can make an abomination of Jollof Rice, why can’t I do the same with fried rice?

Back in the kitchen. At this point, I just want my food to be cooked. This has been way too much wahala. Anyway, I get to work. Some boiling, some mixing, some frying and about an hour later, I had a pot full of jasmine fried rice, 6 chicken drumsticks and one sliced and fried plantain.

Finally, success! But now it’s like 1 am. I’m obviously not going to eat all this food in one shot so it’s time to pack it up, take the portion I’m going to eat and head to bed because I have work in the morning and all.  So I transfer all the food into plastic containers to put in the fridge and as I am scooping up the last spoon of rice from the pot, into the container, the container falls of the table and now I’m just standing and staring. Looking at my whole night spill all over my hardwood kitchen floor.

I have never in my life felt a stronger urge to just curl into a ball and cry for my mummy. It was devastating. But I couldn’t: she wouldn’t come and my food would still be on the floor. So I did the only thing I could. I calmly put down the pot and spoon, stepped out of the circle of misery and went to bed.

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  1. jo
    November 29, 2015 at 6:47 am

    Awwww you poor baby!!!!

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