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Intelligent Cloud + Intelligent Edge = World Computer

Disclaimer: This might be obvious if you know anything about me but just to point out, my opinions expressed here do not reflect those of my employer and certainly do not represent any form of inside knowledge about future products or strategy or whatever else anyone might or mightn’t decide to read into this. blah. blah. Please don’t get me… Read more →

11-15: West, East and North Africa

Hola! This post is overdue but, as you know, inspiration strikes when it strikes. Anyways, surprisingly 2017 was my year of African travel. I spent an aggregate of over two months in total travelling across Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, Togo, Benin and Morocco and I have to say… not all equally great, but entertaining across the board. For example, Morocco is… Read more →

Raising the Bar

Hey Friend(s)! I know it has been a while (life happens, I don’t even have an excuse) but I really didn’t want a full year to pass between posts so I thought I might share a thought or two that’s been bouncing around in my head for some time now. For a variety of reasons, I’ve spent a lot of… Read more →

The Dream Engineer

So the most flattering thing happened to me last week. Someone tweeted at me to ask for advice. For a sec, I was shook. Thought they had the wrong dude. Anyways, I got the question and it is interesting and common enough that I thought it was worth blogging about. In summary, the generalized format of the question is: I… Read more →

A fun time with WordPress and Azure

I’m Back!!!!! Kind of. It’s been a while folks. I’d like to be able to blame my long absence on the frustration I’m about to talk about with WordPress and Azure and something called cleardb but alas, I don’t really have that excuse. What actually happened was the life-sucking but ultimately fulfilling experience of leading the NexTech Africa planning team,… Read more →

Fix Yo Shit: App Notifications

So I work as a software engineer and am what most people would consider to be a techie. As a result, in order to maintain my techie street cred and not be cast out by the techie community, I have what many might consider to be an unnecessary number of gadgets Read more →

La Décima: Panama City(Panama)

This was the first thought that crossed my mind as I stepped off the plane into the sweltering heat of Tocumen International Airport. It’s hard to articulate clearly but there was this strong sense of familiarity I simply couldn’t shake for the duration of my trip; sprinkled everywhere, were so many ‘obvious’ signs that we were in thinly disguised version of my home city. From the heat and smell of the airport to the huge amounts of traffic; from the sporadic but intense rain to the underground rap scene, panama city certainly felt, in a lot of ways, like a home away from home. Except, y’know, in Spanish. Read more →

We Have Lives Too

Do you think we enjoy this? Being here, in this place at this time? Don’t you think we’d rather be elsewhere? We have lives too. We have jobs and school and friends and TV shows to watch. We have concerts to go to and kids to raise. We would much rather tweet about relationships and sports and inconsequential things. And… Read more →

A Broken Umbrella

I was talking to a friend* earlier this month and she was telling me a story about how she was walking in the rain with a raincoat on and saw this lady who was also in the rain, struggling with her broken umbrella and getting utterly drenched in the process. My friend said she found the situation really interesting because… Read more →

Número 9: Cancun (Mexico)

So I don’t know if you guys know this about me, but I love to travel. In the past, this passion has not been realized nearly as often as I would like due to life’s 2 big constraints: Time and Money, but when I do have a little bit of both, I like to take little, and sometimes, not so… Read more →