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Adulting: Episode 1 – Food

I’ve talked a bit about graduating and moving to a new city and starting a new job and all that fun happily ever after stuff. Over the last couple of months, I’ve been living this life of what I guess is supposed to be young adulthood and to be perfectly honest, I’m not very good at it. Being an adult… Read more →

Moving Targets

I remember when I was about 12 years old. My dream of growing up was that I would go to university, get a job and then live happily ever after. It turns out that in real life, happily ever after is just… tomorrow. More interestingly to me, though, was that long before that initial ‘happiness target’ was achieved, I had… Read more →


Just over a year ago, I started writing this blog. There was no particular purpose or reason for it; or any real goal I was trying to achieve but my initial target was to come up with a post to publish at least once every month. I didn’t exactly hit that target but I also did better than I expected. Going… Read more →

Just Some Tips

So, my last post was a bit heavy I think. Emotionally, for me, that one definitely packed a punch. So for this one, we are going to head in a much lighter direction. It’s August right now and I know a lot of people are starting or resuming university. As a recent graduate, I thought I’d take a look back… Read more →


I don’t know how to write about losing my dad. I know people do it and they do it well. It usually starts with a quote. A famous one or an obscure one or maybe something he used to say. Then the writer would expand on that quote and use it to somehow describe the character of the lost parent. Extolling… Read more →

Silver Bullets

In the classic Werewolf lore, it is believed that werewolves can be defeated by silver and as such, werewolf hunters sought and/or fashioned silver bullets that would be the simple solution to all their werewolf problems. Unfortunately, it turns out that, as we can best determine, silver bullet solutions to problems are as mythical as the werewolves they were fashioned… Read more →

หมายเลข 8: #TalesFromThailand

I walk into the hostel after a long day of tourist-ing and meet these 3 brits – 2 girls and a guy. They’re headed to Koh Phangan: one of Thailand’s many, beautiful islands and home of the infamous full moon party. I should could come by when I leave Bangkok, they suggest. I’m on vacation with an open schedule so,… Read more →

Gidi Guidelines

I spent the end of December and the beginning of January in Lagos with my family and it was, as expected, an amazing experience. I had an idea to write a narrative post about that experience but after 4 failed attempts, I decided to write this instead. They are listed in no particular order:  If at all possible, just don’t… Read more →

Going Home

A couple of days ago, a friend asked me if I was going home for the holidays. This is one of those situations that a normal person would have a pretty straightforward yes/no answer to but for some reason, Dunni had a minor existential crisis. See, the concept of “home” is one that has evolved for me quite a bit over… Read more →

Culture Shock

I moved to Canada for school in August of 2010. It was an exciting time for numerous reasons, one of which being the fact that I got my visa less than a week before my flight. I guess I’ve lived on the edge longer than I thought but anyways, that’s a story for another day. Moving to Canada was an… Read more →