Hello world!

“Hello World”

This is possibly the most ubiquitous sentence in Computer Science. It is fitting that my first blog post should be hello world, though I did not choose it. It was just there when I got here and I was too lazy to change it so now here we are.

“Hello World” means a lot to me. As a Computer Scientist, it has served as a checkpoint of sorts in my education and the beginnings of what I hope will be a long and successful career in computer science. It has done this because Hello World has, in my life served as a mark of beginnings. My first programming misadventure as a Fresh-off-the-Boat immigrant Software Engineering student at the University of Waterloo surely began with “Hello World”. When that didn’t work out and I switched to Computer Science, my first course in Scheme surely began with “Hello World”. And when I moved to Ottawa and things were looking bleak because I had no idea what I was doing with my life, the beginning of my getting back up off the metaphorical mat and learning Java at Algonquin College was “Hello World”.

These two simple words carry within them so much hope and promise. The promise of a new adventure as one forays into previously uncharted territory be it a first programming class, a huge and complicated project or even a new job. “Hello World” carries all the potential of what could be but is not yet.

So, as I embark on this new blogging adventure and concurrently (and mostly unrelated) begin what should be my final semester in university, what more appropriate words can I have for my new and exciting adventure, what better greeting can I have for the challenges, successes and failures ahead, what better way could there be to announce yet another new beginning?

“Hello World!”




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